Tired of iPhone Battery Drain? Learn To Save Battery Life


iPhones are fun and useful, we all know that. But all that usefulness and nice looks come at a price; battery life can be pretty abysmal if you don’t watch what you’re doing. My own phone can’t even last a day – and I just use it for calls, messages, mail and maybe a couple […]

How To Manually Update iPad To Any iOS Firmware

Manually update iPad

I’m an iPad2 GSM user, and I guess I bought it around September 2011 and even after so many iteration (iPad mini, iPad 3, iPad4), I decided to stick to iPad2, as I have minimal use of iPad. I usually use it for reading and browsing internet, and most of the time for writing tutorials […]

15 Facts You Did Not Know About the iPhone


Every time a new iPhone is released, people line up for days just to buy one. Sure, it looks cool. But do you know anything else about it aside from what the blogs and news sites tell you? I’ve compiled a few facts and trivia for you to think about while you play with your […]

How To Jailbreak iPhone 5 on iOS 7 – 7.0.4 Using Evasi0n

Untethered Jailbreak iOS 7

When iOS 7 was launched, I knew I had to wait for a long time to get untethered jailbreak for my iPhone5, and I was using my iPhone without any jailbreak. Thanks to many amazing features of iOS7 like call blocker, Live wallpaper, I didn’t really miss iOS7 jailbreak for long. But now, we have […]

10 iOS 7 Features Every Apple Fanboy Should Know


In my last post, I mentioned about iPhone5S, and helped you to make a decision on to sell or not to sell your iPhone5 for 5S. As soon as Apple announced the release of iOS 7, I rushed to find out all that I could about the newest OS and waited with bated breath for the […]

Should You Sell Your iPhone 5 For An iPhone 5S?

iPhone5s Color

Everytime Apple release a new iPhone, I seriously start looking into my bank account, as being an Apple fan boy, I always want to hold the latest gadget from Apple. But in recent time, Apple has started disappointing me, by launching new series of iPhone with same design and few additional features. For a person […]

WhoZCalling Tweak : Find Name of Unknown Number Caller

who is calling

How many times you get up early morning, and you see tons of unknown numbers. You could either ignore them completely, or you could just call back every unknown number, and it will be so time-consuming, and you might end up calling back many tele marketer calls. Or how about when you are in a […]

Record iPhone Calls with CallRecorder Cydia Tweak

CallRecoder Main App Screen

Call recording have always been a feature that smartphone users always crave for. iPhone has been lacking this feature from quite sometime now, although Cydia developers have been working in this category for long, but no out-of-the-box Call recorder was available. But the wait is finally over, Elias Limneos, a popular Cydia developer has dished out […]

QuickShoot- A Jailbreak Cydia App every Photographer Should have


Nowadays, Carrying a Smartphone with you all the time is almost as common as wearing pants. Technology has become so advanced that your Smartphone is not just a phone anymore, it is, by all intents and purposes, your personal secretary, your source of entertainment, your interactive friend and also a very handy Camera. And guess […]

Fix: Exceeded the Number of Package Names This APT is Capable of

Cydia error

If you are on old Cydia user, and recently jailbroken your iOS device using Evasi0n, you might have noticed an error in Cydia saying “Wow, you exceeded the number of package names this APT is capable of“, and I’m sure you must be wondering what it is. Though, with the message it’s clear that we […]

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