How to Download VShare from Cydia & how to Use it

How to Download VShare from Cydia & how to Use it

We have been hunting for best alternative to installous, and we have tried many apps earlier. If you miss them, here are two such apps for your reference:

I have tried both the apps I mentioned above, and none of them turn out to be same as installous. They are good and do their job, but kind of features, usability installous used to offer, it’s missing from iFunbox and Appcake. Now, today I will be talking about vShare, which turns out to be best app for jailbroken device. In this guide, I will share how you can download vShare and how to start using vShare on your iOS device.

How to download Vshare from Cydia:

Vshare is available on Cydia and could be downloaded by adding official repo for share. . You can follow my guide on how to add a new cydia repo. Here is what you need to do:

  • Go to Cydia
  • Manage > sources > Edit > Add
  • Enter following URL :
  • Once repo is added, go to search and search for Appsync.
  • Download the latest version of Appsync which works with iOS 8.1
  • Once AppSync is installed, go back and search for vShare to install it.
  • Search for Vshare and install it. Make sure the source of both vShare and Appsync is Appvv which is official cydia repo.

Here is a video tutorial which shows above steps to download Vshare:

This will install Vshare, and lets look at the feature list of Vshare:

Features of Vshare, and How to use VShare:

As I mentioned earlier, Vshare is the installous alternate app that you have been waiting for. It offers amazing User interface, and the best part you will be able to update all cracked apps which you have downloaded and installed using Installous.

Download Vshare

Here are full feature list:

  • Direct download of cracked apps
  • Install apps by searching
  • Share downloaded ipas over Wi-fi
  • Personalize UI
  • Various option to find new apps
  • Install paid iOS apps for free

I could go on with the list, but my words will be less as Vshare Cydia app could do more than what I’m writing here. It’s best free alternate solution to installous. Once you have installed Vshare, open it and you will be welcome with a screen as shown above. You can one click on any iOS app and install it.

Here is a video tutorial, which will show how you can use Vshare:

I hope this guide will help you to find a solution to Installous, that you have been waiting for. I’m sure Vshare app will never disappoint you. If you still face any problem in installing Vshare or adding Vshare repo, feel free to let me know via comment.

Update: I have updated the new Vshare official source

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7 thoughts on “How to Download VShare from Cydia & how to Use it

  1. Can not get vshare to work on my ipad. Can you tell us how you got it working? Everything I click on the app it just crashes.

  2. My vshare only crashes 5-15 secs after starting it! I have tried to re install it and also download it from cydia and their website!! Help me please and fast!!

  3. hi. i tried vshare on my iphone.but i havent got a successful download yet. like for instagram, it starts to download but after sometime (like when it reaches 40%, it says “source may changed. please try to redownload.”) please help

  4. First, thanks this post show me a useful way to now install apps for free easily.
    Second, vShare is good quality (HQ)
    Last, error faced: A little bit unstable. Every steps successfully, except download and installation.
    Details: Usually, it faced an error in downloading…. It said that ‘source may change, please try to redownload…’ That’s make me crazy, after few times it downloaded normally. Is it a way to fix? If yes, how? It made me tired when installing my favorite applications. Please help!

  5. Everyone, if you download something from vshare and it stops and says “source may changed. Please try to redownload” then you just keep pausing and playing it. It says that because the servers are overloaded so just keep pausing and playing and you might be lucky.

  6. hi! i have iphone 2g old version my iso .version is 3.1.2 my question is does vshare supports on os 3.1.2?

  7. i am using iphone 4s ios-8.1.2.. i added the source in cydia.. and excuted the process of installation, but i couldnt find the vshare app on my iphone aftr d phone restarts!!i olready hav appcake instaaled on my cell.. does dat also affect te installation of vshare.. please help!!

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