How to Install Installous From Cydia

How to Install Installous From Cydia

We have been talking a  lot about Cydia and I have shared many Cydia repos which will create a huge difference to get many amazing Cydia tweaks for your Jailbroken iPhone and iPad. Now Cydia tweaks are usually those tweaks which are not available on official app store. People who are very new to Jailbreaking, they might or might not heard of Installous which is one of the best app that you can install using Cydia and it will let you download all the official iOS apps (Paid or free) for completely free. In this tutorial, we will look into a complete guide on How to install Installous using cydia.

Adding Installous Sources in Cydia Repo:

You can refer to my earlier guide on how to add a source to Cydia and for Installing Installous to your Jailbroken iPhone or iPad, you need to add following sources.

Cydia Installous source :

All you need to do is, open Cydia go to Manage > Sources > Edit and add the following URL and click on Add. Cydia will add the following repo on your Phone and source for Installous app is added.

Install Installous on Jailbroken iPhone/iPad

Like any other app you can simply go to search and look for Installous 5 and install it. Or you can browse repo and install Installous 5. There are many other third party repo, which will also let you install Installous. Though, I prefer and recommend to use official repo here (

Install Installous from Cydia

Click on Install and within no time Installous app will be installed on your phone. Now, go ahead and download any app which you would like to install. It’s quite easy and now you don’t need to pay for any paid apps like N.O.V.A, Asphalt 7 or any other amazing paid app, which you have been ignoring to buy because of cost matter.

Installous is one of those reasons, I recommend everyone to jailbreak their iOS device. More over, jailbreaking is not illegal. Latest version of Installous app supp0rts downloading app via Torrent, which will help you to download huge apps without being worried about partial download.

Also, if you face any issue which installing installous or unable to find installous 5 in Cydia, simply remove repo and readd it, and try again.  If you still have any query, feel free to ask me via comments.


18 thoughts on “How to Install Installous From Cydia

  1. Hello..i jailbroke my ipad3 by taking help from ur website…when i tried to add the source for installous …in mid way i got errors like nodata1 nodata2….were invalid….bin/bzip2 returned an error code….i am not able to add installous…give me sme other source or a solution asap….thanks in advance

    • @Utsav
      Simply close installous. Make sure it’s not even running in background. Restart your iPhone and then try to install…If it again gives the same error, let me know and I will give you few alternate resources to install installous.

  2. i still can’t find the installous 5 even after I readd the source

  3. hey i entered cydia>manage>edit>add
    and when i added the url ( ) i said

    ” verification erroe”
    ( a server with the specified hostname could not be found )

    well i can’t have this source,, help me :(

  4. When i open my installous after upgrading, a message always appear: outdated version installous will now terminate even though it is up to date

  5. I tried to install cydia by the above mention method but this error occur .

    Verification error
    A server with specified host name could not be find.

  6. I’ve heard that hackulo team had stopped installous ! Is it true?

  7. Sir
    Is not working
    What should I do
    I have already removed my old non working installous
    I want to install Whatsapp

  8. Hej guys
    Im having the same problem installing installous on cydia. Is there any news with this yet? Is there other similar apps as installous that do more or less the same?

  9. Hi.
    U made a nice attempt with ur guide. But on my iOS 5.1.1 jail broken iPod I can simply not proceed. It adds in the list but doesn’t add or show any content in it. Even after an extended time. Any help would be appreciated!! Thanks

  10. sadat bokhari says:

    installous 5 has been discontinued so it cant be installed try app cake

  11. why i can’t get installus frome cydia it shows than the verifaing error per:

  12. Pls have not jailbreak my iphone3GS but the iOS is 5.1.1
    Pls. How can I download ‘whatsapp ‘ for free through my iphone

  13. I tried to add the source above and I got the following msg : a server with the following hostname could not be found. Help please !

  14. Sir,

    I entered cydia>manage>edit>add
    and when i added the url ( ) i said

    ” verification erroe”
    ( a server with the specified hostname could not be found )

    well i can’t have this source,, help me! my IOS 8.1.2

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